How Getting Off Social Media Can Improve Your Mental Health

How Getting Off Social Media Can Improve Your Mental Health

If you’ve been following our latest blogs, you know we find it important for school leaders to develop their personal brand on social media. But, developing and tending to your brand also means stepping away from your social media, too.

Why? Let’s be real: The pandemic – while we are moving past it – still continues to take a toll on everyone. Arguably, teachers and school administrators are one of the hardest-hit groups. If you do not take periodic breaks then you cannot be your best for the long haul. Take the break.

Here’s what you can do during that break:

  • Identify someone you trust to keep an eye on your accounts; someone who will alert you if something pops up that you need to address.
  • Ask someone (Allerton Hill can help!) to do a mini-review of your accounts. Is your identity shining through in the way that you want it to?
  • Refocus some of the energy you would normally be spending on social on in-person engagement. Being a good leader means communicating well across a variety of channels, but face-to-face communication is more important now than ever before.
  • Remember your hobbies, or find a new one! Read a book, go fishing, plan a surprise family outing. After all, isn’t that what taking a break is all about? Your mental health – and everyone around you – will thank you.

We’ve no doubt you’ve encouraged your staff more than once over the last two years to practice self-care. Now, it’s time to take your own advice. Put down the phone. And walk away.

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