One Fact the Best Superintendents Know

One Fact the Best Superintendents Know

The best and most admired superintendents did not roll out of bed one day and emerge to greatness. They were not born to it any more than anyone else. No, what they do is they tend to the garden of their personal brand and to that of their school system. Those two brands are tied together and mutually dependent upon each other.

But what does that mean? It means that they tend to do the hard work: Communication. They see that the way to accomplish their goals — and the organization’s goals — is to communicate. It’s not an afterthought to all of their work. It is the first thought in how they have conversations with their community.

Typically I am asked what we look for in a client. Most assume that we are looking for a certain kind of district. That’s a total swing and a miss. What we look for is a superintendent and leadership that value communication and who care about engaging with their public about their work. Especially the tough work. That’s what great superintendents and leaders do.

Value communications and your community will value you.

It’s not all on your shoulders, though. We can help. Contact us to learn more.

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