Social Media: So you think you can wing it? ROFL

Social Media: So you think you can wing it? ROFL

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you are among the ~70% of Americans that have at least one social media profile ( And whether you scroll to keep up with: friends, news, entertainment or just because, you’re likely spending a measurable amount of time consuming content each day.

Before working in social media, I was only minutely aware of the rapid advancements happening behind the scenes to provide users with more of the content they desire, right at their fingertips. So, working with schools, I get really excited about helping crack the code so their story gets seen AND shines on social media!

The bottom line, if your school district is not on social media, YIKES! And if you are, good for you! But —it isn’t something you can just wing and hope for the best. In general, this approach creates more work and can cause some heartburn. Lucky for you, I’m here with a few things to keep in mind as you navigate finding your place at the top of your community’s news feed.

  • What’s your “why”?
    Define your purpose for social media and stick with it! And allow me to assure you, it should not be to keep your families aware of when the next fundraiser is happening or where to submit enrollment forms. Social media will push those posts so far down in the algorithms users would scroll for hours before it would potentially be seen by a handful of users.
  • Make a plan.
    Summer is the perfect time to create your social media calendar for the upcoming year. Using your district school year calendar, identify key dates that would be great to celebrate (ie. Homecoming), and support your WHY, and add in other timely events that support your story (ie. National Principals Month). This gives you a strong starting point to building your content strategy.
  • Content is king!
    Reality check – without original, valuable and engaging content, your social media presence is as good as not having one at all. Competition is intense, but you have a fighting chance! So get your ducks in a row and jot down some ideas for content that will help make those dates you captured above shine! Be creative, consider varying ways to bring a story to life, and have fun!

When all is said and done, a little pre-work can pay off in a big way on social media. Investing time NOW to plan for the school year will keep you ahead of the class – and toward the top of the newsfeed! Trust me, you’ll thank me later, because social media is no place to wing it!

Happy posting!

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