Hold that door

The school year is winding down and this spring is as busy (and exciting) as it has ever been. And tiring! But, before the bell truly rings for summer it’s time for one important task. It’s fun, interesting and very purposeful, too, I promise.

Here goes: Find out from your teachers and staff what their summer plans are and ask for details.

Why? Because I want you to publish articles and post to social media the fun and interesting things that your teachers and staff have planned for the summer. Look for the really interesting ones like the science teacher who is hiking to Mt. Everest to do a science experiment or the english teacher who is studying Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. And, sure, there is a place for the teacher-turned-student summer PD and continuing education coursework that takes place, too.

Publishing this information is important, too, because often people think teachers sit poolside and do nothing during their three month break. I promise that you will find that nothing could be further from the truth. While they have truly earned this time, you will find that they are often busy. I mean, we are talking about lifelong learners here so they have no quit.

So, before that bell rings and everyone is off to their summer adventure, find out what your colleagues are up to and be ready to be inspired!

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