If a tree falls in the forest..., construction cone graphic

If a tree falls in the forest…

You know the rest of the saying. And right now, I’m going to talk about those capital projects that occur all summer long. You know the ones: the parking lot resurfacing, the roof replacements and repairs. I’m talking about all of those big projects that occur with taxpayer funds but when no one is really around to notice that they are happening.

And that’s really the problem. Often, no one knows that they are happening but these projects show that your school system is protecting the investment in the buildings and facilities by providing this upkeep. Moreover, schools often have a five-year plan of what maintenance and projects will occur so that they stay within budget.

Ok, so now what? You need to talk about these. Show pictures and inform your public. This is an important component that speaks to the fiscal and operational stewardship of your school system. Do not count on people being able to just know that this work occurred, especially if it happens over the summer.

So, here’s your checklist:

  • Obtain a list of projects that will occur over the summer.
  • Obtain photos of that work.
  • Prepare some write-ups for your newsletters and for social media.
  • Obtain a picture of your maintenance team and others who are part of the work. Thank them. They are the unsung (and often unseen) people in our schools who do quite a lot to open the doors for the summer.

This is also about accountability to your public. I always want you to show that you are being good stewards fiscally and operationally. So, find out about those projects and let the work be seen and appreciated.

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