Retweets, Likes and More Part 2: Showcasing Top School Leaders on Social

Retweets, Likes and More Part 2: Showcasing Top School Leaders on Social

We recently shared four ways to establish your personal brand on social media. As a quick refresher, it involves determining your purpose, what you want your brand to be, how it fits your schedule, and how you will evaluate and improve your brand over time.

Since we’re in the business of education, we know there are four main learning styles: visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic. In case you’re like me and retain information best through a variety of these methods, we thought we’d do a little show and tell. We’ll show you a few examples of those who have effectively created their brand, and our social media experts will tell you what they are doing well.

  1. Dan Leffingwell – Dan is known for his forward thinking ideas around educating today’s students. He shares purposeful content that showcases his leadership in the industry.
  2. Trent Bowers – Trent posts to social media on a regular cadence. We are dubbing him “Head Cheerleader” for his district as most of his content revolves around celebrating the achievements of his students and staff.
  3. Dr. Kim Miller – Kim’s aim on social media and through her blog is to make people think; to inspire them to be better.

In our last blog, our advice was to not reinvent the wheel. We hope this exercise of show and tell will set you on the right track to unlocking your brand on social media. In case you still need help, give us a shout!

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