If a tree falls in the forest..., construction cone graphic

If a tree falls in the forest…

You know the rest of the saying. And right now, I’m going to talk about those capital projects that occur all summer long. You know the ones: the parking lot resurfacing, the roof replacements and repairs. I’m talking about all

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Hold that door

The school year is winding down and this spring is as busy (and exciting) as it has ever been. And tiring! But, before the bell truly rings for summer it’s time for one important task. It’s fun, interesting and very

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Leave the light on, graphic with a lighbulb and social media icons

Leave the light on

All too soon the bells will silence, the halls will be empty, the pace will slow and summer break will be in full swing. As this unique school year wraps up and buildings become bare, be sure to leave the

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(Hash)tag, you’re it!

With three school-aged children of my own, I often find myself reminiscing about the “simple” days of my childhood. Some of my favorites that come to mind are the memories of playing outside. Tag, particularly a good old game of

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Communications Jenga

Balance. It’s a word that’s come up in so many of my conversations lately. Many superintendents and communications directors seem to be striving to find balance – everything from trying to find the time to do the important things while

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Who's the boss coffee mug

Who’s the boss?

No, GenX-ers, I’m not talking about the Tony Danza show. I am talking about always remembering who you answer to in your place of work: Your customer.

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