COVID-19: Examples of great communication

Ohio’s school leaders are doing a great job in communicating with the public and that means you are, too.

Here’s a snapshot of some communication ideas that you might find interesting. Remember that our AHC team can help you with these, too.



Here’s the communication focuses we recommend now:

  • Consider issuing communication to senior parents/students regarding the many significant events that affect them and how they will be handled: Prom, graduation, AP/IB testing. Remember that for some families, this will be the last child graduating with you so it will be one of the last big interactions they have with your school district. Make it a positive one.
  • Show what teaching looks like in the remote classroom. Dig more deeply into what teaching and learning looks like in the remote learning environment. Share a personal story on how teachers are maximizing their time to ensure they are teaching students. Illustrate through stories what remote learning looks like from the moment they log on to the end of the day.
  • Remember to communicate with non-parents. They may not be on your email or social media so be sure to submit editorials and press releases to send to the local newspaper to reach a bigger audience. AHC can help you do that, too!

Regarding fiscal communication
Regarding how your district may be fiscally impacted by this crisis going forward, please keep in mind that it is too early to know any details – from both from the state and federal levels – and therefore it is too early to communicate any specifics. Our advice is to refrain from doing so and not to speculate.

  • Focus right now on showing the value of your teachers and staff during this time and how they are working in overdrive to serve students and learning in this remote environment. There will be a time later on to really dig into the financials with your community once more is known.
  • From a fiscal planning perspective, do start looking ahead to see how your district may be impacted, especially with casino and lottery proceeds, and if your district has an income tax.

Soon, the governor is expected to sign legislation that will include relief and clarification to schools on several key issues including testing, graduation requirements and food service. We will send you a snapshot of that legislation when it is final. In the meantime, we encourage you to refrain from communicating specifics on this legislation until it is final.

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