Telling stories, sharing memories: How to make your school social media fun

As a child, I used to get so giddy as the calendar neared the first day of school. What outfit would I wear, packing my backpack with all of my new supplies – it was all part of the excitement of a new, fresh beginning.

The world has evolved a bit since then, but we get to see that same excitement and joy play out almost in real time – thanks to, you guessed it, social media! And if you’re inclined to stop reading, trust me, DON’T. Because there’s a thing (or two) we can learn from this joy and how it can impact, evolve and shift your district’s social media presence in a HUGE way.

Social media for public schools is about:

  1. Stories, NOT events. Social media channels prioritize original content that is most likely to engage an audience. Stories, or original content, that showcase the experience inside your buildings will win EVERY, SINGLE, TIME if they were to go head to head in a match up with a post talking about an upcoming event. Prioritize those cute photos, a fun video, athletes competing or artwork and your audience will engage and cheer on the students, staff or district.
  1. Memories, NOT reminders. Similarly, posts that capture memories, or highlight them (hello, alumni), will be seen by more unique users than a reminder about lunch menus. Bonus, they’re also way more FUN! Don’t get me wrong – information does have a place on social media, but it should not be your primary vehicle for sharing important news or reminders with your community – there’s no guarantee they will see it (and it floods your page with content that has a short shelf-life).

Social media isn’t hard, but it does take a bit of time, expertise and attention to be done well. Simply reframing your purpose will help you cultivate a presence that prioritizes celebration above information. This shift will reward you and your district with an engaging and positive presence for your entire community, and save you time! So, get giddy this summer about social media and gear up for sharing many amazing moments and memories with your community!

Find the joy – happy storytelling!

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