School District Social Media and School Staff

School district social media and school staff

As we face times in our country of increasing complexity around several social issues, we want to bring to your attention the need to be vigilant about reminding your staff of the importance of adhering to social media guidelines for both school and district employees.

While all of us are mindful of our online presence, a few critical reminders may benefit all district employees and help ensure their online activity reflects the Licensure Code of Professional Conduct provided by the ODE. Here are a few main points from the ODE’s #ABConduct – Tip Sheet 1 – Social Media:

  1. Review your privacy settings on every social media account and adjust them to the maximum settings to protect yourself.

  2. Remember: if content or a comment is inappropriate for the classroom, refrain from sharing or making them on social media.

  3. Remember: nothing online is ever completely private!

To make sure your district employees steer clear of any missteps on social media, please make sure staff and others within your school district are aware of the guidelines in place. To assist you, referenced below are links to a few resources you can direct your staff toward for brushing up on their knowledge regarding the use of social media.

  1. Read the Licensure Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators

  2. Review the #ABConduct – Tip Sheet 1 – Social Media

  3. Review the OEA list of Social Media Do’s and Don’ts  Social Media Guidelines for Educators

As always, please reach out to us with any questions. Our team is happy to help review social media guidelines.

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