School Board Leadership Has Changed: Are You Keeping Up?

Leading a school district is, well, different than it used to be. Through no fault of their own, the last two years have served to blur the lines between the role of the Board of Education and the superintendent/CEO in particular. 

Action! Social Media and the Importance of Video

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It’s no secret that as...

Unfinished: The Key to Unlocking Your Leadership Potential


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Telling stories, sharing memories: How to make your school social media fun


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National Teacher of the Year's Inspiring Message for Students: "We hear you. We value you. We respect you.”

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Educators inspire. They...

Tired of Teaching? Turn Things Around With These Tips for the New School Year


Retweets, Likes and More Part 2: Showcasing Top School Leaders on Social

We recently shared four ways to establish your personal brand on social media. As a quick refresher, it involves determining your purpose, what you want your brand to be, how it fits your schedule, and how you will evaluate and improve your brand over time.

right at school: one solution to closing the learning gap

Think back to your favorite childhood memories. Generationally, it seemed that we had lots of free play. I think we can all recall how exciting it was when a neighborhood family would purchase a new big appliance. That box was gold and as kids we would walk around it, stare and dream about what we...

Four Ways Schools Can Support Teachers - Year Round

Even under normal circumstances, teachers and other school staff are pulled in a thousand directions each day. The pandemic has exacerbated this tenfold. So it’s no wonder that in a recent poll of our superintendents, many of you said the thing keeping you up at night is wondering how to boost...

How Getting Off Social Media Can Improve Your Mental Health

If you’ve been following our latest blogs, you know we find it important for school leaders to develop their personal brand on social media. But, developing and tending to your brand also means stepping away from your social media, too. 

May 18, 2022 at 11:32 AM | Tags: best practices, superintendent, social media

The genius of learning is to have fun. Here's what that looks like today.

Once, as a K-12 student, I remember the kids in my class moaning about a particular content area. My teacher responded with a rhetorical question that has stayed with me since: “Don’t you want a teacher that is energized by the topic and who loves to teach it?” Yes, yes, I do. We all do. And I am...

Mental Health Awareness Month: Improving Your Support of the Whole Child

When was the last time you stopped and truly checked in with yourself? Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced trauma over the last two years, and the children you serve every day have suffered more than most. 

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