How to Reclaim the Joy of Social Media and Boost Your Brand

When it first came out — and for a time following its debut — social media was fun. Given how negative it has become, though, it can be hard to remember those days.


The problem is not exclusively with the volatile society we’re currently living in. Sometimes the problem is with how a social media page is run. It is possible (and imperative, actually) to run it properly.


To do that, start with understanding these main points: 

  • Social media algorithms change constantly, sometimes on a daily basis. If you are having problems with social media, it could be because you are running it like you did in 2009. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration but you get the point. It has evolved light years from even one year ago.
  • Those who run social media for a living and at a high level know this: It is NOT a communication tool, it is a marketing tool. Debate that point all you want but just because it is a fast and cheap way to reach people does not mean it is your catchall. Social media is a strategic tool for sharing your district’s (positive) story. Have big announcements? Let your website do the heavy lifting. Learn more about the right way to use social media here.   
  • If your social media channels are not properly run, then your comment section can run wild with issues that you never saw coming. Namely, given record retention laws, (1) rumors can propagate making it difficult for you to keep up and (2) it can also result in people thinking that this is where they need to notify the district of issues that they have with their child or the school system. 

It’s a season of reflection and resolution. So how will you commit to reclaiming the joy of social media and boosting your brand? Need additional help? Allerton Hill Communications has got your back.

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