Three Defining Moments of 2021 for Schools

Three Defining Moments of 2021 for Schools

Help is here! Valuable Lessons that Will Make 2022 Great

This January, Allerton presented throughout the state of Ohio on the lessons learned for 2021 and how those can help as we enter 2022. Every industry – including education – has changed significantly to meet the ever changing needs. That includes the world of communication and digital media. Honestly, I find it all very exciting.

Lessons from 2021

Most people lament that 2021 was a bad year. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know. But what I can tell you is that those school districts that emerged the strongest did these things:

  • They continued communicating their story (and in a very factual way).
  • They doubled down on ensuring and talking about normalcy.
  • They reacted appropriately and thoughtfully to crisis issues as they arose. Specifically, they did not under or overreact.

What’s ahead 

Reading the tea leaves for 2022, schools will continue to face challenges. Schools face decreasing public confidence, dwindling resources, continued staff burnout and shortages, and another round of polarizing state and national elections in which education will remain in the forefront. I’ll stop with that list because all of that is exhausting enough.

Now let’s talk about the good stuff and how to get ahead and make 2022 a great year.

  • Stay in your sandbox.
  • Comment to only things in your sandbox.
  • Empower your fellow administrators and staff about what your overall message is (not everything should rise to the level of the superintendent).
  • Be confident. Make your statement and stick with it.

Good Vibes

The good news is, there is an increased appetite for positive news and information; and there are more ways than ever before for schools to reach their audience. It’s not too late for your district to come out on top this year. The main takeaway? Double down on your communications and take control of your district’s story.

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