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4 must-do items for your spring cleaning communication checklist

What a year it’s been! 

Now, as we make the mad spring dash for the end of the year finish line, it’s time to take stock and tidy up the remaining communication efforts. Here’s a short spring cleaning list to get you started.

  1. Issue communication on how school will look for the next school year
    • Send a letter to parents before school ends for this year that you are working on the next school year. You may not know full details but we can plan on school looking more normal as we go.
    • Plan out your return to school year website. You know you will need it and some covid-related information should still be made available.
  2. Publish video thank yous to teachers and staff – now
    • School leaders can and should send a heartfelt thank you to teachers and staff. Sure, all of the appreciation days are coming up for teachers, bus drivers and all others. But wouldn’t it be great just to thank them now for all they have done? 
    • Plan a montage thank you video for teachers/staff that is composed of community members expressing their appreciation. You can do this by arranging ways by which the community can submit a quick video thank you to the teachers and staff. Assemble those into a montage and send it out.
  3. Allow students to celebrate (and more than your normally might)
    • I scream, you scream…I mean doesn’t the end of this school year call for something different for students? Maybe just a round of ice cream sandwiches for everyone and whatever else you can think of to really recognize how adaptive and flexible students were this year. Whatever you decide just please remember to acknowledge that they are some of the unsung heroes of this last year.
  4. Superintendent end of year video to parents, community
    • Superintendents can easily offer a quick video thank you to everyone, including the community, for making this a great school year. Release it just before school breaks for the year. Add some fun clips of students with the voiceover.

Is there anything else that you would add to this list?

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