Future Proofing Your Personal Brand

Since the pandemic, time and change are happening at a breakneck pace. Good things are happening, too.

The pandemic has been very revealing. Those who were on top of communication thrived. Those who were not were caught flatfooted and left with communities angered and frustrated by a lack of information.

And, with any trying time, school leaders are on the front line. Careers are made and broken in times like this. Every school leader has a brand identity. You have one whether it is something you have intentionally built or not.

Sadly, for many it is something only thought about when interviewing for a job. But it really should not be like that.

You can and should future proof your brand by working on it and building it up constantly. This is not about ego, by the way. This is how it is done. Take a lesson from kids today who think constantly about their brand on social media: They carefully think and curate their brand so that it says what they want it to about them. We can debate all we want on kids and social media but like it or not, branding is where they are more forward thinking than adults.

The best leaders share that one thing and as a result they are ahead of everyone else on it: They think carefully about their school system’s brand and their own and they work on both constantly. Every. Single. Day. A little work each today will help protect your future self.

  • Find your style and flex it. I’ve worked with all kinds of leaders with all kinds of styles. Find your strengths and work to those. For example, if you do best in small crowds or are shy then social media, video releases and smaller settings are where you will shine best.
  • Don’t get attracted to shiny objects. This is a short way of saying don’t be shallow about it. People see through to the trite. Today’s school leadership requires authenticity. Be yourself and be real.
  • Don’t be coy: Speak truthfully and accurately. Leaders who stand the test of time are those who speak truthfully. There is no grey area when it comes to great leadership. Being coy fools no one and ultimately it is a brand destroyer.
  • Your brand is tied to your school system’s brand. Boost both in all that you do. The great part is that in boosting the school district’s brand, you also boost your own. It’s like patting yourself on the back. There’s not a thing wrong with that.

Your brand identity should not be an ambiguous or accidental one. You deserve better. Contact us to find out how we can set you on the path to securing a better brand identity and future.

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