Nine ways to end the school year on a positive note

Spring break marks the final stretch for schools and the fourth quarter is upon us. There’s no time for a seventh inning stretch now. Because before you take that well deserved sigh of relief, here are nine tasks you should try and do in the last nine weeks of school to end the year on a positive note.

  1. Thank Your Staff
    You will never go wrong leading with appreciation and gratitude. Say thank you in your own way, whether it’s an email, a video or a pop in at a staff meeting. You can also invite families to participate in saying thank you. Families can do things as creative as DIY yard signs for the school driveways or something as simple and classic as sending in a note of thanks.
  2. Visit a Classroom … and Document It!
    Not only is it important for faculty and staff and families to see school leaders in the classroom environment, it is also a great opportunity to connect back to the reason you entered education in the first place – the students. Allow this opportunity to reinvigorate your excitement for the future!
  3. Invite Feedback
    Ask for feedback from families, staff and community partners on what worked well this year, what needs improvement, and what hopes they have for the future. Gather the feedback before the end of the school year and plan to analyze it over the summer and put it into action next school year.
  4. Celebrate the Wins!
    Help inspire your staff, students and families to finish the year strong by staying positive and celebrating the wins – big and small. Social media is a great platform to do this with photos and videos. You can also use email newsletters to highlight staff and student accomplishments. High fives and shout outs over intercom systems can even make a splash!
  5.  Keep Going – You’re Almost There!
    “80% of life is just showing up.” – Woody Allen
  6. Send Personal Graduation Invitations to Partners
    Connect with business leaders, nonprofits and community leaders by sending a personal invitation to celebrate the Class of 2022! Personal invitations go a long way and reiterate the value you place in their partnership on providing a full educational experience.
  7. Collect New Graduate Contact Information
    If you do not already have an alumni database, now is the time to start one! Alumni are an important part of any complete communication strategy and the best time to collect that information is before they walk across the stage.
  8. Say “See You Later”
    Send a message to staff and to families to celebrate the completion of another year. Be sure to say thank you, be positive and share how and when you will communicate over the summer to set expectations.
  9. Rest!
    You deserve it. There is more work ahead, so rest up and reset!

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