Are you prioritizing what matters most?

Are you prioritizing what matters most?

Listen: Your next crisis is right around the corner. And it is going to require communication.

And it’s not just a crisis issue, but a crisis is usually what brings it to the forefront for school leaders and quickly. When that happens, a school system can find itself ill equipped to handle it and it gets further bungled. And that only breeds mistrust. Do not let it be your school system.

A graduate school professor on budgeting that I once had astutely noted that “Budgets are a statement of priorities.” So, are you allocating resources to communicating with your public? If you do not allocate resources, then it is not a priority. That means you must make it one.

Leadership comes from the top. Communication with your community is about respecting your community. It is also how you accomplish your goals. It’s all about priorities, regardless of the size of your school system or budget.

A little communication can have a big impact. Start with allocating the funding to make it happen. For you and your school district.

To steal from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, ABC is “Always be closing” but for every public entity it is “Always be communicating.” Because you cannot afford not to communicate.

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