People are leaving their jobs: Six ways to support job satisfaction and personal goals.

The Great Resignation. The Big Leave. The Great Upgrade.


Call it what you want but you get the idea: The job market is seeing a mass exodus of employees from their current jobs and it’s not isolated to the private sector.


According to the Hechinger Report, superintendent turnover is currently at 25% and it’s even higher depending upon the source. For comparison, in a typical year, superintendent turnover runs between 14 to 16%. The impact is felt beyond the school system’s top leader, too, with turnover being felt among teachers, bus drivers and more.


Times are tough and getting tougher on that front, too. Looking beyond today, visionary leaders like Dr. Melvin Brown, Superintendent of Reynoldsburg City Schools in Columbus, Ohio, note that the crisis really hitting in the next 10 years is teacher and employee retirements. 



“My concern is that those who can retire will leave education in the next 10 years,” stated Brown. “That’s where we will really feel it. And, the pipeline for new talent emerging from college to fill their spots continues to decline. This will impact the future of education in every way possible going forward and we have to be ready for it.”


That work starts now. And, not to be left out in the work of succession planning is planning for school board member succession planning, too. Just like educators, school board members are hanging it up. Why? Because typically they ran for the board to do good for their community but they never expected to step into situations for which they are unprepared but which define our times. 


So, what should school leaders do now to support all involved? Here are six ways you can get started on this plan so when the time comes your organization can have as smooth of a transition as possible. 


  • Stay true to the “why.” Everyone in the organization should understand the organizational “why” of what they do and stay focused on that. Additionally, each person should remember and hold true to their own personal “why.” 
  • Tend to your digital brand. Everyone has a brand whether it is tended to or not. Define it, nurture it and support it online through a strong and consistent digital presence. In this increasingly digital world, it is taking more of a center stage and it’s not going anywhere. 
  • Get listening. People want to be heard. And behind so much unrest there is room to find that common ground. Listen (really listen) and let people be heard. There are ways to do that that match your style and there are important nuggets that can guide you to better solutions and understanding all while building that relationship.
  • Dedicate time each week to a Zoom coffee. Carve out 15-30 minutes each week to do this. There’s no agenda. It’s just touching base with someone in your life to shoot the bull and see how they are doing. I carve out time each day to do this. We are all busy but you will find just touching base with someone can really turn your day around. This is something to which I have committed to doing that brings me joy. 
  • Build relationships and a culture of support. Your staff, board members and administrative team need your help with succession planning. Find out what brings them joy, write that personal note and get to know them better. Provide them with tools they need in order to feel more supported. You want your school to be known for having a culture of support. Give them a solid framework for professional development. Who knows, the next great leader may be right under your nose! 
  • Develop a circle of trust. Find people you trust outside of your industry from whom you can gain different perspectives. 


We are steering our clients to more succession planning – for everyone in the organization – and for you. The digital brand is key to that and to your own personal fulfillment. Let us know how we can help you.

P.S.: Follow Dr. Melvin Brown on Twitter. He knows everyone. Seriously. EVERYONE.

By Carole Dorn-Bell | February 16, 2022 at 9:45 PM
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