Why you need to get competitive with your community partnerships

So your schools provide great programs, opportunities and career tracts for students but your parents and community do not know about them and/or choose other schools. 

Ok, but it is very solvable and your community is counting on your schools to get competitive and to be a better community partner than you are right now. I mean, after all, local public schools and career tech centers are part of a community’s fabric and pride. 

It’s time to get competitive, level up your strategies, and give your community something to really be proud about: Your schools.

Let’s get started:

  • Look under the hood. Find out why students are choosing other schools. Find out why they choose yours. Be strategic with your communications and marketing. More communication or marketing is not better; Strategy – and being scrappy – with resources is everything. 
  • Target, target, target. You have limited time, money and resources. Make sure you are being smart in how you target and reach people. You might find that you are not reaching anyone at all or that what you are doing is not relevant. We do entire communication and social media audits to ensure that you are reaching your target audience. (That’s a little self-promo but then again it’s not. We know what we are doing and we get results. Just sayin’.)
  • Show your community reverence and relevance. Schools should reflect their community’s identity and fabric. 
  • Work it! Work your partnerships and relationships. Education, programs and schools are important to the local and state economy – and especially to business and industry. Showcase that relationship.

That’s my top 5 but there’s even more if you want to do it right and well while being smart with your limited resources. We can help and we do it each day for those who want to be prepared for what’s ahead for schools and the economy. If this is you, and you want more information, reach out and let’s talk about what success looks like for you.

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