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Leave the light on

All too soon the bells will silence, the halls will be empty, the pace will slow and summer break will be in full swing. As this unique school year wraps up and buildings become bare, be sure to leave the light on!

Important here is the context of light – and that’s the “light” that is the hum of your presence on social media. While this hum runs seemingly on autopilot while school is in session, summer break can be a little trickier, but just as important. Here are a few points to consider for your summer strategy before the last bell rings.

Why post over summer break anyway?

It is important to continue to have a presence and touchpoint with your community on social media throughout the summer. Due to the way the algorithms work, taking a complete pause in posting can be detrimental to being able to reach your community effectively once you ramp back up for the return to school, and regaining momentum could be difficult.

How often is enough?

Aim to post at least two times per week, and more if you have content. This will be sufficient to keep the algorithms churning in your favor as your audience sees and engages with your stories. If you do not have “new” content readily available, don’t sweat it! Take a look back at the past school year and identify high performing posts that you could position differently. Experiencing a heat wave? Cool things off with a fun photo from cooler weather and position it as a #ThrowbackThursday.

Your story isn’t over! 

Take a look around at what kinds of things are happening in and around your buildings throughout the summer and apply your same techniques in sharing those moments. Here are some examples of stories worth sharing with your community during the summer:

  • Students participating in summer learning or camps
  • Fall athletic practices or band camp
  • Staff professional development or administrator meetings
  • Cleaning, sprucing up or maintenance around the buildings
  • IT preparing technology for the new school year
  • Preparations associated with a safe and healthy return to school

While summer break brings a different pace for schools, having a plan to keep your social media story humming along is critical. But have some fun with it! The story that may seem ordinary might just be a true gem that will glisten in the light you leave on.

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