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From the Podcast: The Triple A’s to nurture educators: Authenticity

Discussing how create a sense of community around schools with authenticity

Authenticity is the subject of this second episode in our three-part series, The Triple A’s to Nurture Educators: Advocacy, Authenticity and Alignment. Host Carole Dorn-Bell is joined by Diane Egbers of Leadership Excelleration (LEI) and co-author of The Ascending Leader.

Carole asks how advocacy, the first topic in the series, flows with authenticity. Diane says a key role for superintendents is to create a sense of community around their schools—and one of the ways to accomplish that is through authenticity.

“It’s pursuing things with purpose, having clarity, creating alignment, having impact in a way that encourages people to be connected with you as a leader,” Diane says.

Passion is important to authenticity, and it comes from clarity of purpose.

“When you think about authenticity, it’s really getting others connected to your passion,” Diane says. “And in order to do that, there’s some work that leaders have to do.”

The first journey for leaders is a journey within, to figure out what you care about, what is your purpose and why you are passionate. Diane says that gives you a very authentic place to come from as you’re engaging and connecting with others.

Carole asks how to approach authenticity. One reality is that leaders grow into it. The more they know themselves and each other, the better the outcomes.

Good leaders are living the values every day and this leads to high-performing culture.

“Leaders who are authentic are very in touch with the deeply held values,” Diane says.

Asked about the challenges around authenticity, Diane says people don’t always know why a certain decision is being made.

Diane recommends the resources True North, by Bill George, and Centered Leadership: Leading with Purpose, Clarity, and Impact, by Joanna Barsh.

Carole recaps the conversation by noting the importance of purpose, clarity and alignment, and saying that you have to be clear about who you are as an organization to have authenticity.

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