Get out of the way: Three ways you are likely sabotaging your own success

You have a big job, with big responsibilities. The decisions you make can weigh heavy and even seemingly small ones can have a big impact on you, others and your school community – for good or for bad. 

There are three things you might be doing that are sabotaging your own success so it’s best to be aware of these and avoid them as they are not your friends:

  • Thinking that everything needs your attention. It doesn’t. Get good at prioritizing, delegating and implementing organizational processes. Not everything rises to your level or needs your attention (yet). 
  • Inaction. While there are many choices that exist with any decision, remember that there is one option that always exists: The option of doing nothing. It’s easy to default to it. Do not procrastinate or kick the can down the road for another time. There are times when inaction is necessary such as more information is imminent and will aid in better decision making. But constantly defaulting to it is not leadership.
  • Bad advice. There’s tons of it. Just look at a social media post on something as simple as the weather, for example, and you’ll see all kinds of people weighing in. Be able to discern true experts from others. We all have experiences and opinions but If you are going to take advice, make sure that you have a trusted source – and even an expert source – who has your school’s best interest at heart. 

Take care of yourself and give yourself and others space to be a better version of ourselves for tomorrow. We all deserve that.

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