The Media: Friend or Foe

I have a background in journalism and media relations so it's easy for me to say, “the media is your friend!” But maybe you’ve been burned and are looking over your shoulder for Joan Callamezzo and her “gotcha girls” from Parks and Recreation to surprise you at your interview. Or perhaps you feel unprepared and worried you will come off like a deer in the headlights on camera just like Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights. 


The truth is, the media exists to write the news - believe it or not, they just want the best story - and it’s up to you whether you deliver the news you want to read about your schools. 


Whether you feel like the media is your friend or your foe right now - we can help you build a mutually beneficial relationship with your local media. Here are 3 tips you can use now to cultivate a better relationship with your local news outlets. 


  1. Find the positive stories in your schools - You undoubtedly have stellar teachers and staff in your schools doing incredible things for your students. What may seem commonplace to you could be gold to the media looking for a positive story. Find those stories and share them. You may even go viral! (CNN: Middle School Principal Cuts Student’s Hair; Steve Harvey: Liberty-Benton Staff Makes the ‘Impossible Shot’)
  2. Give the media the first chance to feature your students - Local media stations have the ability to get your content to a wide audience but they don’t want old news, be a good media partner by giving them a chance to tell your positive stories first! Then, you can share their coverage in your email newsletters and social media.
  3. Be honest and open with your community - If you find yourself in a “gotcha” moment or with your hands by your face on camera not sure what to say, reach out to our team at Allerton Hill Communications. We can help you navigate your situation and give you the tools you need to speak honestly and openly about what’s facing your schools.
By Gianna Harrison | April 7, 2021 at 8:34 AM
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