COVID-19: What our social media analytics tell us and your next steps

After a month of emergency remote learning, we are all learning and trying different things to engage the community. It is inspiring to see all that you are doing to make the best of this difficult situation. Keep up the good work!

As we have settled into a “routine” about the expectations and logistics around emergency remote learning, we’ve had a chance to analyze community engagement on social media and have a few suggestions to keep the momentum going.

Here’s what we’re seeing and know now:

  • Traffic is up on social media in general, however, there is more content with which we are “competing.”
  • Accounts are seeing growth in new page likes, but decreases in reach and engagement. This is not unusual in situations like this.
    • Communities may be experiencing content fatigue as everyone settles into emergency remote learning.
    • The solution? Do not saturate the accounts with too much of the same content. Instead, go with variety when choosing what to post.

A few tips:

  • Empower everyone to engage.
    • Position the staff to be engaging with the content. Ask them to support their colleagues’ stories and Like, Comment and/or Share stories posted on the district’s social media channels.
    • Create and use your district’s hashtags. Whether your district created a unique hashtag for this situation or you have a hashtag you already use, be sure to use them with every post and encourage others to do so as well.
    • Remind parents to follow the district on social media (and include links to social media accounts in that invitation). Invite them to participate in telling the district’s story by tagging you with your district hashtag(s).
  • An important reminder: You can find posts from parents by searching for your hashtag on all of your social media channels. If you are tagged with the hashtag and the original poster has their account OR the post’s privacy settings set to PUBLIC, you can find their post and share it/use it from your district accounts.

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By Allerton Hill Communications | December 22, 2020 at 5:32 AM
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