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When I first started managing social media for school districts, I remember feeling a little out of my comfort zone when it came to keeping track of all the days, celebrations and events important to recognize on a school district’s social media. I spent countless hours researching, hoping to find one site with everything I would need. Not to mention my less than amateur skills in graphic design. Whoa! But alas, there I was, making my way through my first year and thinking all along - “There has GOT to be a simpler way!”


Through my messy and less than flawless navigation through that first year, the idea for a social media content library was taking shape. And the COVID shutdown in Spring of 2020 gave this idea its legs - and we haven’t looked back.


So what exactly is the content library and why do you need it? 


🎁 It’s the gift you never knew you needed!

A one-stop shop for content AND high quality graphics for dates you know about, and many you likely never knew you could use! Did someone say National Ice Cream Day? 🍨 What a fun poll you could do in Instagram Stories to engage your community in a BIG and ENTERTAINING way! And you’ll find content just like this in our library!


🗓️ Save time and plan ahead - strategically!

With a quarterly release, you gain access to content and graphics to upcoming events in an easy-to-navigate calendar. Our pre-written copy can save you significant time - simply copy and paste, download the image, and you’re good to go! Planning and executing just got that much easier!


We’ve got you covered … even in a pinch!

We all know that crises arise, or last minute things just happen. I’ve been there - numerous times - need to get a post up fast and no time to create an image. We’ve got you! With numerous graphics covering a broad range of evergreen content, no more scrambling.


When it comes to effectively managing social media for schools, having resources available to simplify your workload, streamline your process, enhance your strategy, and elevate your look, our social media content library hits it all!

Interested in learning more about how the Allerton Hill Communications team can help your school? Contact us today.

By Sara Smith | April 21, 2021 at 10:08 PM
Sara Smith
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