Carole Dorn-Bell

Carole Dorn-Bell

Carole Dorn-Bell brings more than 20 years of public policy and campaign experience to Allerton Hill Communications. Her reputation as an expert in developing outreach strategies for organizations is well respected in both the political and educational communities. Her focus on creating multi-pronged approaches for critical issues empowers our clients to utilize all of their resources for maximum impact with key demographics. Carole is a native Ohioan with a B.S. in English Literature from the University of Cincinnati and a M.A. in Public Policy and Management from Ohio State University. Her initial work in public policy was as a staff writer for the majority leader of the Michigan Senate. From there she transitioned back to working in Ohio, holding numerous communications positions for more than 10 years. In recent years, Carole has turned her focus to education and working with school districts to find their voice and garner both support and credibility on hot button issues. In addition to her partnership with Allerton Hill, Carole is an advocate for dyslexics students and services. She is an avid fan of live theater and has a LEGOS collection that is museum-worthy.
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